Doula support online in English



Video consultations are ideal for expectant mothers and mothers during their postpartum who look for emotional educational and informative support offered by Certified Doula and cannot meet in-person. What you get is a tailor-made help and support without leaving your place.  Yet, such consultation has also some drawbacks and limitations so there are some issues which I cannot help with. The following offer description is to facilitate communication between us:

Pregnant women:

  • how to manage your emotions before labor in the new situation of COVID pandemic
  • what birth options are available in Wroclaw and the region and what are the recommendations in the times of COVID?
  • what is a birth plan and how to prepare it?
  • most comfortable positions for breastfeeding during the first days with a newborn
  • how to judge if the baby is still hungry or not?
  • everyday calm building strategies
  • preparation to labor without birth partner
  • Postpartum Plan preparation and help in building your own supporting mother village online

Postpartum women:

  • postpartum emotional support – postpartum depression prevention
  • My birth story – taking care of birth events and emotions
  • bonding support
  • good start in breastfeeding; finding support online
  • support in arranging you new family life with a baby (sleeping, time for yourself, duty sharing, mutual understanding and good family communication building)
  • assistance in meal arrangement and family support planning
  • help in building your own supporting mother village online
  • additional materials

Time up to 90 min.

How does it work?

Within 24h after your purchase I will contact you to suggest a date of the consultation, discuss the topics you want to cover and describe the technical issues.